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Nick Raskulinecz

Nick Raskulinecz

We usually write the bios for our clients, but Neil Peart from Rush did the job for us. On his website (, he writes: 

“Nick was best known for his highly successful work with the Foo Fighters, but before that he had a long history as a musician, engineer and producer. He had started out in Knoxville, Tennessee, and more-or-less worked his way west, studio by studio. When we met Nick, we all liked his youthful, unbridled enthusiasm, but at 36, he was also experienced enough to have a strong background in music and recording.”

Of the recording sessions with Nick, he writes: “I have never enjoyed the recording process so much, nor been so satisfied with the results.”

Geddy Lee from Rush also writes praise about working with Nick, saying "There's no point in hiring
a producer who's not going to speak his mind, but it's a tall order to find someone who
can hear Neil's playing, amazing as it is, and still say, 'Maybe you should try going in this direction...' It was a pleasure to be challenged [by Nick]. That's really what a band like us needs."
Read the entire article here:

And in keeping with the idea of letting others speak on behalf of Nick, we must include this
quote by Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters as he accepted a Grammy on behalf of the band for
“One by One:”

“Most of all, I’d really like to thank the person that saved this album and made it happen.
His name is Nick Raskulinecz, he produced our album. He’s the greatest rock producer around
and Nick made it happen. If it wasn’t for you, we’d be screwed man. Thank you very much.”

Read what other artists have to say about working with Nick here.

In 2013, Nick set up his own studio outside of Nashville. Take a tour here.

What more could we possibly add?



Some career highlights include:

› Alice In Chains – two albums, including:
    'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' (P)
        Grammy Nominee "Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical)" (2014)
        #2 debut on The Billboard 200, and Canadian Albums charts
        #1 Top Rock Album

        #1 Hard Rock Album
        #1 Alternative Album
    'Black Gives Way To Blue' (P-E)
        #5 debut on The Billboard 200
        #2 on Billboard's Hard Rock Chart
        #1 Most Anticipated Album of 2009 - KRock NY
        Certified Gold in US and Canada
      including the single "Check My Brain”
        #1 on Billboard's Rock, Alternative Rock & Mainstream Rock Charts

        Grammy Nominee "Best Hard Rock Performance" (2010)

› Deftones – two albums, including:
    'Koi No Yokan' (P)
        #11 debut on The Billboard 200
        #2 Hard Rock Album
        #2 Tastemaker Album
        #1 Album of the Year - Total Guitar (2012)
    'Diamond Eyes' (P-M)
        #1 album on iTunes
        #6 debut on The Billboard 200
        #2 Top Rock Album & Top Modern Rock Album
        "Deftones' best album to date." - Sputnik Music
        "Rock Album of the Year" - iTunes (2010)
        "Album of the Year" - Kerrang! (2010)

› Rush – two albums, including:
    'Clockwork Angels' (P-M)
        #1 debut in Canada
        #2 debut on The Billboard 200
        #1 Rock Album
        #1 Hard Rock Album
        Top 5 debut in Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Mexico
        Certified Gold in Canada

        "Rush's best release in 30 years" - Classic Rock Magazine
        "Rock Album of the Year" - Juno Award Winner (2013)
Snakes & Arrows (P-E)
        #3 debut in US and Canada
        selling over 100,000 copies in the first week

        #1 on Billboard's Top Rock, Tastemaker & Top Internet Albums Charts
        Grammy Nominee "Best Rock Instrumental Performance" ("Malignant Narcissism" 2010)
       including the single "Far Cry”
        #1 Most Added at Rock
2x Platinum (Long-Form Video)

› Evanescence – Evanescence (P)
        #1 debut on The Billboard 200
        #1 Alternative Album
        #1 Hard Rock Album
        #1 Rock Album
        #1 Digital Album

        #2 debut in Canada     
        #1 UK Rock Album
        Gold in Canada
        Silver in UK
        "Best Int'l Band" - Kerrang! Awards nominee (2012)

› Stone Sour – two albums, including:
    'Audio Secrecy' (P)
        #1 on UK's Rock Albums chart
        #3 on Germany's Albums chart
        #2 debut on Billboard's Alternative and Hard Rock Albums charts
        #6 debut on The Billboard 200

        #6 debut on Billboard's Tastemakers chart
      including "Say You'll Haunt Me"
        #1 at Active Rock, Mainstream Rock and Heritage Rock
        #4 Billboard Rock Song
    'Come What (Ever) May' (P-E)

        #4 album on Billboard's Top 200
        Gold in the US, UK and Canada

      including “Through Glass”
        #1 Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock
        #2 Billboard Hot Modern Rock

and "Sillyworld"
        #2 Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock

› Foo Fighters – several albums, including:
    'In Your Honor' (P-E-M)
      including the #1 singles ‘Best Of You’ and ‘DOA’
        #2 on The Billboard 200
        nominated for 7 Grammys including “Rock Album of the Year”
        and “Rock Song of the Year” (2005)
        Certified Platinum in US within first month of release
        Double Platinum in UK
One by One' (P)
        #3 on The Billboard 200
        Grammy Winner “Best Rock Album” (2003)
        Platinum in US & UK

      including the single ‘All My Life’
        #1 Billboard Modern Rock
        Grammy Winner “Best Hard Rock Song” (2002)

Selected PRODUCTION / MIXING Credits:

- Big Wreck – forthcoming album 'Ghosts' (Rounder/Zoe) (Exec P)
- Bush – currently in production (P)
- Mastodon – forthcoming album 'Once More Round the Sun' (Warner Bros) (P)
- Adelitas Way – forthcoming album (Virgin) (P)
- The Hold Steady – Teeth Dreams (Razor&Tie) (P)
- Alice In Chains – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (Capitol) (P)
- Red Line Chemistry – Tug Of War (Bulldog) (P)
- Ghost B.C. – Infestissumam (Republic) (P-M)
      #1 iTunes Rock Album
      #1 album in Sweden
      #1 Hard Rock Album

      #2 Tastemaker Album
      Swedish Grammis Winner "Best Hard Rock/Metal Album" (2014)

- Deftones – Koi No Yokan (Reprise) (P)
- Fighting With Wire – Colonel Blood (Xtra Mile Recordings) (P-M)
- Rush – Clockwork Angels (Anthem/Roadrunner) (P-M)
- Big Wreck – Albatross (Anthem) (Exec P)
      #1 Canadian Rock Single for 6 consecutive weeks ("Albatross")
- Evanescence – Evanescence (Wind Up) (P)
- Red Line Chemistry – "Ultragigantor" from Dying For a Living (Bulldog) (M)
- The Damned Things – Ironiclast (Mercury) (M)
- Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy (Roadrunner) (P)
- Rush – "Caravan" and "BU2B" from forthcoming album (SRO Anthem) (P)
- Deftones – Diamond Eyes (Reprise) (P-M)
- Year Long Disaster – Black Magic: All Mysteries Revealed (Volcom) (P-M)
- Neil Peart – "The Hockey Theme" for NHL on TSN (E-M, 5.1 Mix)
     watch it here:
- Alice In Chains – Black Gives Way To Blue (Virgin) (P-E)
- Paramore – "I Caught Myself" & "Decode (Acoustic)"
     for Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Atlantic) (P)
      #1 album on The Billboard 200
- Foo Fighters – Live At Wembley Stadium [DVD] (RCA) (Stereo & 5.1 Mix)
      TEC Outstanding Creative Achievement Award - Surround Sound Production (2009)
- Trivium – Shogun (Roadrunner) (P-E)
- Thornley – Tiny Pictures (604 Records) (P-E-M)
- Death Angel – Killing Season (Nuclear Blast) (P-E-M)
- Danko Jones – Never Too Loud (Aquarius) (P-E-M)
- Coheed & Cambria – No World For Tomorrow (Columbia) (P)
      #6 debut on The Billboard 200
      #1 album and #1 International Act - Rocksound (UK)

- Rush – Snakes & Arrows (SRO Anthem/Atlantic) (P-E)
- Shadows Fall – Threads of Life (Atlantic) (P-E)
- Stone Sour – Come What (Ever) May (Roadrunner) (P-E)
- Casino (Spider Simpson) – debut album (Polydor UK) (P-E)
- Foo Fighters – Skin and Bones (Roswell/RCA) (CP-E-M)
- Foo Fighters – In Your Honor (RCA) (P-E-M)
- Foo Fighters – One by One (Roswell/RCA) (P)
- Velvet Revolver – “Set Me Free” for Contraband (RCA) (P-E)
     #1 album on The Billboard 200
- Velvet Revolver – “Come On, Come In” (Interscope) (CP-E)
     for the Fantastic Four Soundtrack
- Velvet Revolver – “Money” for the Italian Job Soundtrack (Interscope) (P-E-M)
- The Exies – Head For The Door (Virgin) (P-E)
- Rye Coalition – Curses (Gem Blandsten) (E-M)
- Ash – Meltdown (Infectious) (P-E)
- Soil – 2 songs from Redefine (J Records) (P-E)
- Rufio – 1985 (Nitro) (P)
- Danzig – Danzig 7 (Spitfire) (E-M)
- The Reunion Show – Kill Your Television (Victory) (P-E-M)
- Fireball Ministry – Their Rock Is Not Our Rock (Liquor&Poker) (P-E-M)
- Fireball Ministry – The Second Great Awakening (Nuclear Blast) (P-E-M)
- Fireball Ministry – FMEP (Small Stone) (P-E-M)
- Marilyn Manson – “Suicide is Painless” for the Blair Witch 2 Soundtrack (Priority) (M)
- Superdrag – In the Valley of Dying Stars (Arena Rock) (P-E-M)
- Superdrag – Stereo 360 Sound (SSL) (P-E-M)
- Superdrag – Fabulous 8-Track Sound of Superdrag (Darla) (P-E-M)
- My Ruin – Prayer Under Pressure (Snapper) (P-E-M)
- Goatsnake – Flower of Disease (MansRuin) (P-E-M)
- Goatsnake – Dog Days EP (MansRuin) (E-M)
- Dogwood – More Than Conquerors (Tooth & Nail) (P-E-M)
- Benjamin’s – Art of Disappointment (MCA/Drive Thru) (P-E-M)
- Son Of Sam – Songs from the Earth (Nitro) (M)
- Duff McKagen – Loaded Episode 1999: Live (Pimp) (P-E-M)

Selected ENGINEERING ONLY credits:

- Mondo Generator – Dead Planet (Nze) (E)
- Killing Joke – Death and Resurrection Show (Cooking Vinyl) (E)
- Rancid – Indestructible (Warner Bros.) (E)
- Fu Manchu – California Crossing (Hollywood/Mammoth) (E)
- Marilyn Manson – Holy Wood (Nothing/Interscope) (AE)
- Queens of the Stone Age – Songs For The Deaf (Interscope) (AE)
- Foo Fighters – “A320” for the Godzilla Soundtrack (Capitol) (E)
      #2 on The Billboard 200
- Verbeena – Into the Pink (Capitol) (E)
- Downset – Check Your People (Epitaph) (E)
- Frank Black – Frank Black & The Catholics (Play It Again Sam) (AE)

P=produced / CP=coproduced / E=engineered / AE= additional engineering / M=mixed

For more information on any of these producers or mixers, contact Frank McDonough at