Nick Raskulinecz

  • Nick Raskulinecz is a record producer who has produced a Grammy-winning album for Foo Fighters, a #1 rock album for Alice In Chains, a #1 rock album for Rush, a #1 Billboard album for Evanescence, a #1 UK album for Stone Sour, and many more.

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  • Alice In Chains
    'Rainier Fog'

    This is the third album that Nick has produced for the band.
    • "Best Rock Album"
      2019 Grammy nominee
    • #1 Alternative Album
    • #1 Top Rock Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
    • #1 Tastemaker Album
    • #8 Album in GER
    • #9 Album in UK
    • #11 Album in CAN
    • #12 Billboard Top 200
  • Halestorm 'Vicious'
    Nick produced this album which the band describes as the "heaviest stuff they've ever done."
    • "Best Rock Performance"
      2019 Grammy nominee
    • #1 Active Rock Song ("Uncomfortable")
    • #1 Top Rock Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
    • #2 Tastemaker Album
    • #2 Top Album Sales
    • #3 Digital Album
    • #8 Billboard Top 200 debut
    • #8 UK Album debut
  • Rise Against 'Wolves'
    Nick produced this album, including the single "The Violence" (the band's highest-charting Mainstream Rock Song to date).
    • #1 Top Rock Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
    • #1 Alternative Album
    • #3 debut in Canada
    • #9 Billboard Top 200 debut
    • #2 Active Rock Song (The Violence)
  • Rush '2112 40th'
    For this 40th anniversary collection, Nick produced and mixed "Tears" with Alice In Chains. He also recorded and mixed "Overture," which featured Dave Grohl on guitar, Taylor Hawkins on drums, and Nick himself on bass.
  • Halestorm
    'Reanimate 3.0: The Covers EP'

    This EP was produced by Nick.
    • #1 iTunes Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
    • #2 Top Rock Album
    • #23 Billboard Top 200
  • Korn
    'The Serenity of Suffering'

    Nick produced this Grammy-nominated album, named "One of the most anticipated albums of 2016" by Rolling Stone.
    • #1 Top Rock Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
    • #1 Alternative Album
    • #4 Top 200, Digital, Tastemaker Album
    • #5 ARIA Album
    • #7 CAN Album
    • #9 UK Album
  • Three Days Grace

    Nick mixed 10 tracks for this album.
    • #1 US Hard Rock Album
    • #2 Canadian Album
    • #3 US Alternative Album
    • #10 US Top Album Sales
    • #16 Billboard Top 200
  • Mastodon
    'Once More Round The Sun'

    Nick produced this album in his Tennessee studio, Rock Falcon.
    • "Best Metal Performance" Grammy Nominee
    • #1 US Top Rock Album
    • #1 UK Rock/Metal Album
    • #6 Billboard Top 200
    • #4 Canadian Album
    • #7 Australian Album
  • Alice In Chains
    'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here'

    Nick produced two albums for Alice In Chains. 'The Devil...' was nominated for a Grammy for "Best Engineered Album." It also reached the Top Ten on the album charts in Australia, Finland and Norway.
    • #2 Billboard Top 200 debut
    • #2 Canadian Album debut
    • #1 Top Rock Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
    • #1 Alternative Album
  • Deftones 'Koi No Yokan'
    After producing their successful album, 'Diamond Eyes,' Nick returned to produce the band's follow-up album. 'Koi No Yokan' was named "Album of the Year" both by Total Guitar, and by Revolver at their Golden Gods Award Show.
    • #11 Billboard Top 200
    • #2 Hard Rock Album
    • #2 Tastemaker Album
  • Rush 'Clockwork Angels'
    Nick produced and mixed this album, which includes the singles "Caravan" and "BU2B." It won "Rock Album of the Year" at the 2013 Juno Awards, and was hailed as "Rush's best release in 30 years" by Classic Rock Magazine. Aside from its success stateside, it debuted in the Top 5 in Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Sweden.
    • #1 debut in Canada
    • #2 debut in US
    • #1 Rock Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
  • Foo Fighters 'In Your Honor'
    Nick produced this album which was nominated for 5 Grammys, including "Rock Album of the Year." It reached #2 on the Billboard Top 200, and was certified Platinum in the US within its first month of release. The album is Double-Platinum in the UK, and Triple-Platinum in AUS and CAN. In addition to producing, Nick mixed half the album, and lent his musician skills by playing bass and double bass.
  • Stone Sour 'Audio Secrecy'
    Nick produced and recorded this album in Nashville, TN.
    • #1 UK Rock Album
    • #3 German Album
    • #2 US Hard Rock Album
    • #2 US Alternative Album
    • #6 Billboard Top 200 debut
    • #6 Tastemaker Album
  • The Hold Steady 'Teeth Dreams'
    Nick produced 'Teeth Dreams' from his studio in Tennessee. Magnet Magazine called them "One of the smartest American bands of the past decade" with this rewardingly energetic sixth album.
  • Ghost B.C. 'Infestissumam'
    Produced and mixed by Nick, this album won the 2014 Grammis Award (Swedish Grammy) for "Best Hard Rock/Metal Album of the Year."
    • #1 Album in Sweden
    • #1 iTunes Rock Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
    • #2 Tastemaker Album
  • Foo Fighters 'One By One'
    This album was produced and recorded by Nick at Dave Grohl's home studio in Virginia. It won a Grammy for "Best Rock Album," and includes the single "All My Life," which also won a Grammy for "Best Hard Rock Song."
    • #3 Billboard Top 200
    • Platinum in US, UK, CAN
  • Paramore
    Nick produced the songs "I Caught Myself" and "Decode" (acoustic version) for the Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Both the soundtrack and the lead single, "Decode," were nominated for Grammy Awards. The single has sold over 1 million copies, while the album has sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide.
    • #1 Billboard Top 200
  • Big Wreck 'Ghosts'
    Nick executive produced this album with Ian Thornley and Eric Ratz. The album debuted at #4 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart, their highest position on that chart yet.
    • #5 debut in Canada
  • Evanescence 'Evanescence'
    Nick produced this album in Nashville, Tennessee.
    • #1 Billboard Top 200 debut
    • #1 Alternative Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
    • #1 Digital Album
    • #2 debut in Canada
    • #1 UK Rock Album
  • Foo Fighters
    'Live at Wembley Stadium'

    This live DVD was filmed during the Foo's two sold out shows at Wembley Stadium in 2008. Nick mixed this in 5.1, which won a TEC Outstanding Creative Achievement Award for Surround Sound Production.
  • Coheed & Cambria
    'No World For Tomorrow'

    Nick produced this album, which Rock Sound UK voted as the #1 Album and #1 International Act of 2007.
    • #6 Billboard Top 200 debut
    • #2 Hard Rock Album
    • #2 Modern Rock/Alt Album
  • Alice In Chains
    'Black Gives Way to Blue'

    Nick produced and recorded this album, which is the first to feature new vocalist William Duvall. Selling over 1 million copies worldwide, the album spurred two chart-topping singles with "Your Decision" and "Check My Brain." The latter was Grammy nominated for "Best Hard Rock Performance."
    • #5 Billboard Top 200 debut
    • #1 Top Rock Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
    • #1 Alternative Album
  • Deftones 'Diamond Eyes'
    Nick produced and mixed this album which topped many of the year-end charts in 2010. The iTunes Store ranked it as the "Rock Album of the Year." Kerrang named it their "Album of the Year" as well. And Sputnik Music named it "Deftones' bets album to date.
    • #1 album on iTunes
    • #6 debut on Billboard Top 200
  • Foo Fighters 'Skin & Bones'
    This live acoustic album was co-produced, recorded and mixed by Nick. Recorded over 3 nights at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, the band line-up was expanded to include Rami Jaffee (Wallflowers keyboardist), Pat Smear (former Foos/Nirvana guitarist), Petra Haden (violinist), and Drew Hester (percussionist).
  • Rush 'Snakes & Arrows'
    Nick produced and engineered this album, which was nominated for a Grammy for "Best Rock Instrumental Performance." Classic Rock named it "One of 10 essential progressive rock albums of the decade."
    • #3 debut in US and CAN
    • #1 Top Rock Album
    • #1 Tastemaker Album
    • #1 Top Internet Album
  • Stone Sour
    'Come What(ever) May'

    Nick produced and engineered this album. It's received two Grammy nominations for "Best Metal Performance."
    • Platinum in US
    • Gold in UK, CAN
    • #4 debut on Billboard Top 200
    • #1 Rock Album
  • Velvet Revolver 'Contraband'
    Nick produced and recorded the band's debut single, "Set Me Free." It was the lead single from this album, and also appeared in the 2003 Marvel Comics movie Hulk.
    • #1 Billboard Top 200