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David Bianco


Grammy-winner David Bianco has enjoyed a long and multi-faceted career. As a mixer, he's helped craft records for a diverse array of artists. He has mixed records for heavy rock bands like Coal Chamber, U.S. Crush, Danzig and Failure. He has also worked with more mainstream artists such as AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, John Hiatt, Mick Jagger, Del Amitri, Teenage Fanclub and The Posies.

Because of his success as an engineer and a mixer, some don't realize that Bianco is a talented musician as well. In his role as producer, he's played guitar, keys, percussion, drums and even added background vocals to songs he's produced.  

In early 2007, David reopened Mama Jo's Studio in North Hollywood. While adding some modern touches to amenities and recording gear, David preserved the original aesthetics and acoustics.
More info on the studio, now called Dave's Room, can be found here.

Catch up on the latest interviews, articles and videos of David here.

Some highlights from his production / mixing career include:


Bettye LaVette - Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook (M)
      #1 debut on Billboard's Blues Albums chart
      #6 Top Independent Album
      Grammy Nominee "Best Contemporary Blues Album" (2010)

Bob Dylan - Together Through Life (E-M)
      #1 album in US and UK
      #1 Top Internet Album
      #4 Top Canadian Album

Big Head Todd & the Monsters - All The Love You Need (P-E-M)
      including the single "Blue Sky"
      #1 at Triple A

Tift Merritt - Another Country (E-M)
      #1 debut on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart
      #1 at Americana radio for four straight weeks

Dropkick Murphys - The Warrior's Code (CP-E)
      the band's best selling album to date
      #2 Top Independent Album
      #48 on The Billboard 200
      "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" - certified Platinum in US

Hellbillies - Spissrotgang (M)
      #1 debut on Norway's Top 40 chart
      Winner of 2 Spellemannspris (Norwegian Grammy)
            including the coveted Spellemann of the Year award (2008)
      Platinum in Norway

Madrugada - The Deep End (E-M)
      #1 debut in Norway
      #1 highest selling Norwegian record of 2005
      #1 album on Norwegian charts for 11 weeks (longest period in Norwegian history)      
      Norwegian Grammy winner "Best Rock Album," "Artist of the Year"
              and "Hit Song of the Year" (2006)
as well as the triple platinum selling album "Live At Tralfamadore" (M)
      album went Platinum (Norway) on first day of release
      #2 highest selling Norwegian record of 2005      

      Alarm nominee (2006)

Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis (M)
      2x Platinum in US
      Platinum in Canada

Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix (P-E-M-U)
as well as the acclaimed album 'Songs From Northern Britain' (P-E-U)

Del Amitri - Some Other Sucker's Parade (M)
including the single "Not Where It's At"
      #6 in the UK

T.S.O.L. - Divided We Stand (P-E-M)
      "Best U.S. Punk Rock Album of 2003" - Q magazine

Mick Jagger - Wandering Spirit (Atlantic) (E-M-U)
      #11 on The Billboard 200

   including "Don't Tear Me Up"
      #1 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Chart

Tom Petty - Wildflowers (E)
      2x Platinum in Canada
      3x Platinum in US
      Grammy winner "Best Engineered Album" (1996)

Selected PRODUCTION / MIX credits

- Judith Owen - Ebb & Flow (Twanky) (M)
- Lucinda Williams - forthcoming album (E-M)
- Tom Roger Aadland - Fløyel og stål (Embacle) (M)
- The Muppets - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Walt Disney) (E)
     Academy Award winner 'Best Original Song' ("Man Or Muppet")
     #38 on The Billboard 200
- Trombone Shorty - "The Craziest Thing" from For True (Verve) (E-M)
- Hangover 2 - several tracks for the motion picture soundtrack (WB) (E-M)
     including "The Beast in Me" by Mark Lanegan
     "One Night In Bangkok" by Mike Tyson
     "I Ran" by Ska Rangers

- Exene Cervenka - The Excitement of Maybe (Bloodshot) (P-E-M-U)
- Bettye Lavette - Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook (Anti) (M)
- Hellbillies - Leite Etter Lykka (EMI Norway) (M)
     #1 album in Norway
     2x Platinum in Norway
- Adam Zwig - Visions of the Shimmering Night (Conscious) (M)
- Yo And Flo Orchestra - "Say It Like You Mean It" (Atlantic) (CP-CW)
     from The Runaways [Motion Picture]
- Howl - Cold Water Music (EMI Music Norway) (M)
- Leslie & The Badgers - Roomful of Smoke (Lyric Land) (P-E-M)
     "This is a wonderfully produced record thanks to David Bianco...
     His professionalism and expertise along with background vocals
     lies on nearly every single track."
- Rod Ames (
- A Fine Frenzy - Oh Blue Christmas (EMI) (P-E-M)
     #3 Top Holiday Album
     #28 Top Rock Album
- Bob Dylan - Christmas in the Heart (Columbia) (E-M)
     #1 Billboard Top Holiday Album

- Bob Dylan - Together Through Life (Columbia) (E-M)
- Ingrid Olava - Juliet's Wishes (EMI Music Norway) (M)
     Nominated for 2 Spellemannprisen's (Norwegian Grammy)
- T.S.O.L. - Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Free Downloads (Hurley) (P-E-M)
- Susan Tedeschi - Back To The River (Verve) (E-M)
- Blues Traveler - North Hollywood Shootout (Verv
e Forecast) (P-E-M)
- Keaton Simons - Can You Hear Me (BS) (P-E-M)
- Tift Merritt - Another Country (Fantasy) (E-M)
- Big Head Todd & the Monsters - All The Love You Need (Big) (P-E-M)
- Patrick Park - Everyone's in Everyone (Curb Appeal) (M)
- Hellbillies - Spissrotgang (EMI Norway (M)

- The Thorns - Sunset Session (Columbia) (E-M)
- Mick Jagger - 5 tracks from The Very Best of Mick Jagger (WEA/Rhino) (E-M-U)
- Big 10-4 - Testing the Atmosphere (Universal) (M)
- Madrugada - Live At Tralfamadore (EMI) (M)
- The Elms - The Chess Hotel (Universal South) (CP-E-M)
- Modey Lemon - The Curious City (Birdman) (M)
- Magic Dirt - Snow White (WMI) (M)
- Offcutts - several tracks from Singles Society: Diamond Bike (Rubber Records) (M)
- Dropkick Murphys - The Warrior's Code (Hellcat) (CP-E)
- Motor Ace - Animal (Festival Mushroom) (M)
- Rhett Miller - The Believer (Verve) (E-M)
     "One of today's great artists" - Billboard
     "One of the finest pop albums of the year" - Texas Music
- Madrugada - The Deep End (EMI/Virgin) (E-M)
- The High Dials - War of the Wakening Phantoms (Rainbow Quartz) (M)
- Axis of Justice - Concert Series Volume I (Columbia) (M)
     featuring: Audioslave's Tom Morello and Brad Wilk,
     System Of A Down's Serj Tankian, Tool's Maynard James Keenan, 
     Red Hot Chili Pepper's Flea, Jurassic 5 and Pete Yorn
- Zack De La Rocha - "We Want It All" from
     Songs and Artists that Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11 (Sony) (M)
- Cake - Pressure Chief (5.1 version) (Columbia) (M)
- Switchfoot - Live in San Diego DVD (M)
     Platinum in US
- Burning B
rides - Leave No Ashes (V2 Records) (E-M)
- The Lost Trailers - Welcome to the Woods (Repiblic/Universal) (P-E-M)
- 4 Way Street - several tracks from Pretzel Park (Sanctuary) (M)
- Matthew Ryan - Regret Over The Wires (Hybrid Recordings) (M)
- Automatic Black - De-Evolution (Arista) (M)
- T.S.O.L. - Divided We Stand (Nitro) (P-E-M)
- The Elms - Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll (Sparrow) (CP-E)
- Spearhead - Everyone Deserves Music (iMUSIC) (M)
- Vapor - forthcoming album (Connoisseur Records) (P-E-M)
- Santana - "Sideways" featuring Citizen Cope from Shaman (Arista) (M)
- Stavesacre - self-titled album (Nitro) (P-E-M)
- Justincase - 6 songs from self-titled debut album (Maverick) (M)
- The Original Sinners - Original Sinners (Nitro) (M)
- Butch Walker - Left Of Self-Centered (Arista) (M)
- Scapegoat Wax - several tracks from SWAX (Hollywood) (P-E-M)
- The Damned - Grave Disorder (Nitro) (P-E-M)
- From Zero - One Nation Under (Arista) (P-E-M)
- U.S. Crush - U.S. Crush (Immortal) (P-E-M/U)
- Buckcherry - "Baby" from Buckcherry (DreamWorks) (P-E)
     Gold in US & Canada
- Fu Manchu - “Over The Edge” (radio mix) (Mammoth) (M)
- Coal Chamber - “Tyler’s Song” from the Scream 3 soundtrack (M)
- Coal Chamber - 5 songs from Chamber Music (Roadrunner) (M)
- 8stops7 - In Moderation (Reprise) (M)
- Failure - Magnified (Slash) (M)
- Muzzle - Actual Size (Reprise) (P-E-M-U)
- D Generation - D Generation (Chrysalis) (P-E-M)
- Addict - Stones (V2) (P-E-M)
- Cyclefly - Crave (MCA) (M)
- Mick Jagger - Wandering Spirit (Atlantic) (E-M-U)
- AC/DC - “Big Gun” from Last Action Hero soundtrack (M)
- Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis (Epic) (M)
- The Black Crowes - “Twice As Hard” from Shake Your Money Maker (Def American) (M)
- You Am I - Hourly, Daily (Warner Bros.) (M)
- The Hellacopters - High Visibility (Universal) (M)
- Course Of Empire - Telepathic Last Words (TVT) (M)
- Danzig - Danzig II: Lucifuge (American) (M)
- Frogpond - Frogpond (Columbia) (M)
- Slider - Sudden Fun (A&M) (P-E-M)
- Masters of Reality - Masters of Reality (Delicious Vinyl) (E-M)
- Frank Black - Teenager of the Year (4AD/Elektra) (E-M)
- Primal Scream - several songs from Give Out But Don’t Give Up (E-M)
- Rollins Band - “Four Sticks” from Encomium: a Tribute to Led Zepplin (Atlantic) (M)
- Rollins Band - The Weight (Imago) (M)
- Sparks - Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat (Oglio) (M)
- Mudhoney - Tomorrow Hit Today (Reprise) (M)
- Cathedral - Ethereal Mirror (Sony) (P-E-M)
- Electrasy - In Here We Fall (Arista) (P-E-M)
- Pete Yorn - “Life On A Chain” radio mix (M)
- Pete Yorn - Live Promotional EP (M)
- John Hiatt - The Tiki Bar Is Open (Vanguard) (M)
- Jayhawks - Tomorrow the Green Grass (American) (M)
- Trinket - 5 tracks including “Boom” from Set To Explode (RCA) (CP-E-M)
- KGB - the KGB (Dreamworks) (CP-E-M)
- Sumack - Now Hear This (V2) (P-E-M)
- Convoy - Black Licorice (Hybrid) (P-E-M)
- Collapsis - Dirty Wake (Cherry/Universal) (P-E-M-U)
- Black Lab - Your Body Above Me (Geffen) (P-E-M-U)
- Afghan Whigs - 1965 (Columbia) (M)
- Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix (Creation) (P-E-M-U)
- Teenage Fanclub - Songs from Northern Britain (Creation/Sony) (P-E-U)
- The Posies - “Going Going Gone” from the Reality Bites soundtrack (RCA) (P-E-M)
- The Posies - Frosting On the Beater (DGC) (M)
- Buffalo Tom - Smitten (A&M) (M)
- Del Amitri - Some Other Sucker's Parade (A&M) (M)
- Semisonic - "Singing In My Sleep" (MCA) (radio mix) (M)
- Robbie Williams - Strong" and "Wine Some, Lose Some" (Capitol) (radio mixes) (M)
- Natalie Merchant - "Wonder" (radio mix) (M)
- Maria McKee - You Got To Sin To Get Saved (DGC) (M)
- Robbie Fulks - Let’s Kill Saturday Night (Geffen) (M)
- Throwing Muses - Limbo (M)
- Throwing Muses - University (M)
- Elton John - "Wake Up Wendy" from South Park - Chef Aid: The South Park Album (E-M)

Selected ENGINEERING credits

- Rage Against The Machine - Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium (Epic) (E)
- Danzig - self titled debut (American) (E)
- Tom Petty - Wildflowers (E)
      Grammy winner "Best Engineered Album"

     Other artists David has worked with:
Heather Nova, Jody Watley, Joe Perry Project, Joe Satriani, 
Kenny Loggins, Lisa Loeb, LL Cool J, Nazareth,
Neil Diamond, Ruben Blades, Shakespear's Sister,
Stevie Nicks, Tracy Chapman and many more.

P=Producer / CP=Coproducer / E=Engineer / M=Mixing / U=Musician/Vocalist

For more information on any of these producers or mixers, contact Frank McDonough at