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Joe Barresi

Joe Barresi

Joe Barresi has produced, engineered and mixed some of the most important hard rock, metal and punk bands of the last 15 years including Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, Bad Religion, The Melvins, Skunk Anansie, Turbonegro and Clutch.

Although widely respected for his abilities as an engineer (one writer wrote "If you don't generally think of sound production as an art form, you don't know Joe Barresi"), Joe is first and foremost a musician. He started playing guitar when he was 7, and played in local bands in New York and in Florida. He studied classical guitar, piano and music theory at the University of South Florida and the University of Miami. Joe also studied engineering, and spent hundreds of hours recording local bands, developing a patience and understanding for what goes on in the studio.

A trip to the West Coast inspired Joe to move to Los Angeles where he began working his way up the ladder by assisting at numerous local studios. In time, he engineered for many well-respected producers including David Kahne, Michael Beinhorn and GGGarth Richardson, and gained a reputation for getting great sounds, particularly with guitars and drums.

Soon Joe was producing and mixing records on his own. He produced, recorded and mixed the debut album for the newly formed Queens Of The Stone Age, which was unsigned at the time. The self-titled album was eventually released by indie label Loose Groove, and garnered lots of attention from press (Rolling Stone named Queens Of The Stone Age one of the ten most important hard & heavy bands of the year) and alternative radio (including KROQ) -- all of which landed the band a deal with Interscope Records.

Over the years, Joe has consistently worked with quality artists and made some of their more seminal records -- Weezer "Pinkerton," Melvins "Stoner Witch" and the Queens Of The Stone Age debut, to name a few. His discography reflects his impeccable ear for great rock music.

In 2008, Joe set up his own studio. Check out pictures of JHOC here.

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Some highlights from Joe's career include:

Black Stone Cherry - Magic Mountain (P-E-M)
        #1 Rock Album in UK
        #1 Hard Rock Album in US
        #6 Rock Album in US
        #5 debut on UK's Top Albums Chart
        #13 UK Official Record Store chart (for physical sales in its first week)
        #22 debut on Billboard Top 200

Queens of the Stone Age - several albums, including:
    "Fairweather Friends" from ...Like Clockwork (AE-M)
        Grammy Nominee "Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical)" (2014)
                   and "Best Rock Album" (2014)
        #1 Billboard Top 200
        #2 UK Album
        #1 Top Hard Rock Album
Top Digital Album
        #1 Top Independent Album
        #1 Top Alternative Album
Top Rock Album
  Lullabies To Paralyze (CP-E-M)
        #1 Rock Album in the UK
        #1 Rock Single in the UK ("Little Sister") 
        #5 debut on the Billboard Top 200
        One of the Top 50 Albums of 2005 - Rolling Stone
        Gold in UK and Canada
    self-titled debut album (CP-E-M)
      "One of the 10 most important Hard & Heavy Bands" - Rolling Stone

Soundgarden - King Animal (AP-M)
        #5 debut on the Billboard Top 200
        #1 Hard Rock Album
        #1 Tastemaker Album
        #1 iTunes Rock Album (New Zealand)
        #2 iTunes Rock Album (Finland, Sweden)
        #3 Album of the Year - Total Guitar (2012)
     and "Live To Rise" from the motion picture soundtrack
     'Marvel's Avengers Assemble' (M)
        #1 Active Rock Song
        #1 Heritage Rock Song
        #2 Hard Rock Album
        #3 Alternative Album
        #4 Rock Album
        #11 debut on the Billboard Top 200

Chevelle - La Gárgola (P-E-M)
        #3 debut on the Billboard Top 200
        #1 Top Rock Album
        #1 Alternative Album
        #1 Hard Rock Album
#4 Digital Album
        #9 debut in Canada
     and Hats Off To The Bull (P-E-M)
     including the single "Face To The Floor":

        #1 Billboard Active Rock Song of the Year ("Face to the Floor") 2012
        #1 Billboard Active Rock band of 2012
        #1 Billboard Rock Song
        #3 Hard Rock Album
        #5 Rock Album and Alternative Album
        #7 Billboard Alternative Song
        #20 debut on the Billboard Top 200

Every Time I Die - Ex Lives (P-E-M)
        #20 debut on the Billboard Top 200
            (the bands highest charting position to date)
        #1 Hard Rock Album
        #4 Independent Album
        #7 Rock Album
        #7 Tastemaker Album
        #10 iTunes Best Seller

Parkway Drive - Deep Blue (P-E-M)
        #1 on Australia's Artists Chart
        #2 debut on ARIA's Top 50
        #2 debut on Billboard's Hard Rock Albums chart
        #4 debut on Billboard's Independent Albums chart
        "Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album" - ARIA Award Winner (2010)
        Certified Gold in AUS

› Coheed & Cambria - Year of the Black Rainbow (CP-E-CM)
        #5 debut on the Billboard Top 200
        #1 Hard Rock Album
        #2 Rock Album
        #2 Alternative Album
        #2 Tastemaker Album
        #3 Digital Album
        #14 Canadian Album

Tool - 10,000 Days (E-M)
        One of the Top 50 Albums of 2006 - Rolling Stone
        #1 debut on Billboard Top 200 in US and Europe
        sold over 564,000 copies in the first week

        over 1 million copies sold in the first 7 weeks
        nominated for 2 Grammys (2006)
        Platinum in US & Canada

     first single "Vicarious" debuted at:
        #2 on Billboard Modern Rock chart
        #2 on Billboard Mainstream Rock chart

     including "The Pot"
        #1 on Billboard Mainstream Rock chart

Bad Religion - several albums, including:
     True North (CP-E-CM)
        #19 debut on Billboard Top 200
        #1 Tastemaker Album
        #4 Alternative Album
        #5 Independent Album
        #7 Rock Album
New Maps of Hell (P-E-M)
        #3 Independent Album
        #6 Tastemaker Album 
        #7 Hard Rock Album
        #9 debut in the UK

        #13 Alternative Album 
        #35 debut on the Billboard Top 200

Skunk Anansie - Stoosh (M)
        over 2 million copies sold in Europe
        Platinum in the UK and Italy 
        Gold in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland

Selected PRODUCTION / MIX credits:

- Beatsteaks - forthcoming album 'Beatsteaks' (Warner) (M)
- Black Stone Cherry - Magic Mountain (Roadrunner) (P-E-M)
- Chevelle - La Gárgola (Epic) (P-E-M)
- Bad Religion - Christmas Songs (Epitaph) (CP-E-M)
- Monster Magnet - Last Patrol (Napalm) (M)
- New Model Army - Between Dog and Wolf (Attack Attack) (M)
- Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks (Columbia) (AE)
     Grammy Nominee "Best Alternative Music Album" (2014)
- Volto - Incitare (Fantasy) (E-M)
- Queens of the Stone Age - "Fairweather Friends" from ...Like Clockwork (Matador) (AE-M)
- Buckcherry - Confessions (11-7/Century Media) (M)
     #20 debut on the Billboard Top 200
     #1 Hard Rock Album
     #1 iTunes Rock Album
- Bad Religion - True North (Epitaph) (CP-E-CM)
- Soundgarden - King Animal (Republic) (AP-M)
- Chevelle - 4 tracks from Stray Arrows: A Collection of Favorites (Epic) (P-E-M)
- Soundgarden - "Live To Rise" from Marvel's Avengers Assemble [Soundtrack] (Hollywood) (M)
- Isis - several tracks from Temporal (Ipecac) (P-E-M)
- The Durango Riot - 3 tracks from Backwards Over Midnight (Ninetone/Universal) (P-E-M)
     #18 debut in Sweden
- Every Time I Die - Ex Lives (Epitaph) (P-E-M)
- Stam1na - Nocebo (Sakara) (P-E-M)
     Teosto Award nominee (2013)
     #1 album in Finland
      Gold in Finland

- Chevelle - Hats Off To The Bull (Epic) (P-E-M)
- Fair To Midland - Arrows and Anchors (E1) (P-E-M)
     #6 debut on Billboard's Hard Rock Albums chart
- Ndidi O - The Escape (UMG France) (M)
     #1 iTunes Jazz Album
     #1 iTunes Jazz Single ("The Whisper")

- Queens of the Stone Age - self-titled reissue (RekordsRekords/Domino) (CP-E-M)
- Face To Face - Laugh Now... Laugh Later (Antagonist) (M)
     #1 debut on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums
- Middle Class Rut - "New Low" the first single from No Name No Color (Bright Antenna) (M)
     #6 Billboard Alternative Song
     #12 Billboard Rock Song

- Bad Religion - The Dissent of Man (Epitaph) (P-E-M)
     #6 Top Independent Album
     #11 Top Rock Album

- Apocalyptica - 7th Symphony (Jive) (P-E-M)
     #4 Top Hard Rock Album
     #6 Top Independent Album

- Parkway Drive - Deep Blue (Epitaph) (P-E-M)
- Coheed & Cambria - Year Of The Black Rainbow (Columbia) (CP-E-CM)
- Audrey Horne - Audrey Horne (Indie) (P-E-M)
- Pearl - Little Immaculate White Fox (Megaforce) (P-E-M)
- Isis - Wavering Radiant (Ipecac) (P-E-M)
     #10 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart, the band's highest placing to date
     #17 on BBC Radio 1 Top 40 Rock Albums chart, the band's first chart position outside the US

- Jane's Addiction - "Chip Away" and "Whores" from the NIN/JA EP (AE-M)
- Death Race - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Intrada) (M)
- Disciple - Southern Hospitality (Columbia) (M)
- Satyricon - The Age of Nero (Roadrunner) (E-M)
- Enslaved - Vertebrae (Indie) (M)
- Xavier Rudd - Dark Shades of Blue (Anti-/Epitaph) (M)
     #5 debut in AUS
- Braintoy - Vehicles (Universal CAN) (M)
- Alpha Galates (fka The Hollow) - A Stimulus For Reason (EMI) (M)
- Saviours - Into Abaddon (Kemado Records) (P-E-M)
- Puscifer - "Cuntry Boner" and "Queen B" from V is for Vagina (Puscifer Ent) (M)
    and flamenco guitar on "The Undertaker"
     #1 Top Independent Album
     #25 on The Billboard 200

- Clutch - "King of Arizona" (Ferret Music) (P-E-M)
     from Bam Margera Presents: Viva La Bands, Vol. 2
- Minus - The Great Northern Whalekill (Smekkleysa) (P-E)
- Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell (Epitaph) (P-E-M)
- Keren Ann - self-titled (Metro Blue) (M)
- Queens of the Stone Age - "Make It Wit Chu" from Era Vulgaris (Interscope) (M)
     #1 at Canadian Rock National Radio
     album debuted at: #5 in Canada
     #9 on United World Chart
     #14 on Billboard's Top 200

- Clutch - From Beale Street to Oblivion (DRT) (P-E-M)
     #4 Top Independent Album
- The Royal Highness - La Mancha (Copenhagen) (M)
- The Zico Chain - self-titled debut album (Hassle) (P-E-M)
- Disciple - Scars Remain (SRE/Columbia) (M)
     #1 debut on Billboard Top Heatseekers
     Dove Award Winner "Rock Album of the Year" (2008)

- Tool - 10,000 Days (Volcano) (E-M) Platinum
- Juliana Theory - Deadbeat Sweetheart (Abacus) (M)
- The Special Goodness - forthcoming album (Epitaph) (M)
- Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies To Paralyze (Interscope) (CP-E-M)
- Raging Speedhorn - How The Great Have Fallen (SPV) (M)
- Audrey Horne - No Hay Banda (Tuba) (CP-M)
     #2 Top Independent Album
- Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First (Epitaph) (E-M)
- The Exies - several tracks from Head For The Door (Virgin) (M)
- Amen - 3 songs from Death Before Musick (Columbia) (M)
- Millionaire - Paradisiac (PIAS) (M) 
- McQueen - Break The Silence (Demolition) (M)
- Rancid - "Fall Back Down," & "Start Now" from Indestructible (Warner Bros.) (M)
- The Matches - E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals (Epitaph) (M)
- The Special Goodness - Land, Air, Sea (Epitaph) (M)
- Matchbook Romance - Stories & Alibis (Epitaph) (P-E-M)
- Turbonegro - Scandinavian Leather (Burning Heart Records) (M)
- Backyard Babies - Stockholm Syndrome (BMG/Sweden) (P-E-M)
- Tomahawk - Mit Gas (Ipecac Records) (P-E-M)
- Powerman 5000 - Transform (Dreamworks) (P-E)
- Raging Speedhorn - We Will Be Dead Tomorrow (ZTT) (P-E-M)
- Queens of the Stone Age - self titled debut (Loose Groove) (CP-E-M)
- Pennywise - Land Of The Free? (Epitaph) (P-E-M)
- Loudermilk - The Red Record (Dreamworks) (AP-E)
- L7 - The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum (Reprise) (CP-E)
- L7 - several tracks from Hungry For Stink (Reprise) (E-M)
- Kyuss - Blues for the Red Sun (Chameleon/Elektra) (E-M)
- Kyuss - Welcome to Sky Valley (Elektra) (E-M)
- Halfcocked - "Bad Reputation" from the Shrek soundtrack (Dreamworks) (P-E-M)
- Melissa Auf Der Maur - Auf Der Maur (EMI) (CP-E)
- The High Speed Scene - The High Speed Scene (Startrack Records) (E-M)
- Buckcherry - "Alone" from the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack (Hollywood) (P-E)
- Fu Manchu - King Of The Road (Mammoth) (P-E-M)
- Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go (Mammoth) (M)
- American Pearl - "Automatic Pearl" from the Scream 3 soundtrack (Wind Up) (CP-E)
- Brougham - 3 tracks including "Murked Out" from Le Cock Sportif (Reprise) (CP-E-M)
- Loudmouth - self-titled debut (Hollywood) (P-E)
- Flourescein - "More On" (Geffen) (P-E-M)
- Monster Magnet - "Gimme Danger" from We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute (Royally) (M)
- Melvins - Stag (Atlantic) (CP-E-M)
- Melvins - Honky (Amphetamine/Reptile) (CP-E-M)
- Melvins - Stoner Witch (Atlantic) (E-M)
- Catherine Wheel - "Spirit of Radio" (Mercury) (P-E-M)
- My Little Funhouse - Blood (Geffen) (P-E-M)
- Skunk Anansie - Stoosh (Epic) (M)
- Fiction Plane - Everything Will Never Be Okay (MCA) (E-M)
- Young Heart Attack - 2 tracks from Mouthful of Love (XL Recordings) (M)
- Reef - several songs from Together, The Best of The Reef (Sony UK) (E-M)
- Lustra - self titled (XOFF) (M)
- Overseer with Nikki Sixx - "Where is God?" (Sony) (M)
- Betty Blowtorch - Are You Man Enough (Foodchain) (M)
- Backyard Babies - Making Enemies Is Good (RCA/UK) (M)
- Hole - "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" & "Drag" (Geffen) (E-M)
- Veruca Salt - Resolver (Beyond) (M)
- Veruca Salt - "Hellraising" & "Disconnected" from See Jane Run soundtrack (M)
- Bauhaus - several tracks from Gotham (Metropolis) (M)
- Bauhaus - "The Dog's A Vapour" from the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack (Restless) (E-M)
- Anthrax - "Ball of Confusion" from the Greatest Hits Album (Beyond) (AE-M)
- Anthrax - "Destroyer" from the Twisted Sister Tribute (Koch) (CP-E-M)
- Sick Of It All - Built To Last (EastWest) (M)
- Hal Lovejoy Circus - 3 tracks from American Made (Beyond) (M)
- Psycore - I'm Not One Of Us (V2) (M)
- Tribe of Gypsies - Tribe of Gypsies (JVC) (M)
- The Jesus Lizard - 6 tracks from Blue (Capitol) (M)
- The Jesus Lizard - Shot (Capitol) (M)
- Downset - Do We Speak A Dead Language? (Mercury) (M)
- Sting - VH1 Storytellers (A&M) (M)
- Homie - American Girls from the Meet the Deedles Soundtrack (Mercury) (E-M)
- Suicide Machines - The Least Worst of the Suicide Machines (Hollywood) (M)
- Suicide Machines - Limited Edition Live CD (Hollywood) (E-M)
- The Obsessed - "On The Hunt" from Incarnate: Bonus Tracks (Mia) (E-M)
- Kerbdog - On The Turn (Mercury) (M)
- Surgery - Shimmer (Atlantic) (E-M)
- Dimestore Hoods - "Smile Now" and "War Machine" (M)
- Puya - "Tirale" from the Heavy Metal 2000 Soundtrack (Restless) (M)

Selected ENGINEERING credits:

- Alpha Rev - New Morning (Hollywood) (E)
    #4 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers
- Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg (Interscope) (E)
    #3 Top Hard Rock Album
    #16 on The Billboard 200

- Matisyahu - several tracks from Light (Epic) (E)
- Taking Back Sunday - New Again (Warner Bros.) (E)
- Weezer - Pinkerton (Geffen) (E)
- Kyuss - ... And the Circus Leaves Town (Elektra) (E)
- Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution (Epic) (E)
- Lost Prophets - Burn Burn (Visible Noise) (AE)
- Spearhead - Everyone Deserves Music (iMUSIC) (E)
- Sheryl Crow - "Who Will The Next Fool Be?" for Sun Records tribute album (E)
- Alanis Morissette - "Still" from the Dogma soundtrack (Maverick) (AE)
- Fastball - All The Pain Money Can Buy (Hollywood) (E)
- Hole - Celebrity Skin (Geffen) (AE)

P=produced / CP=coproduced / AP=additional production / E=engineered / M=mixed

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